XLPE Power & Control Cables, Single Core Cable, Twin Core Cable, Single Core Unsheathed Cables, Mumbai, India

XLPE Power & Control Cables, Single Core Cable, Twin Core Cable, Single Core Unsheathed Cables, Mumbai, India


Stranding (CONDUCTOR)

The Copper, Tinned Copper or Aluminium drawn wires are stranded on a tubular stranding machine. All stranding machines are equipped with driven take-up and pay-off ensuring even tension. These machines are producing upto 1000 mm conductor.


The fine drawn parallel wires undergo bunching operations on bunching machines ensuring even twisting and continuous 25 km smooth conductor. It would be useful to have such a device at home when you are trying to organize your various wires, cables, chargers for mobile phones and laptops, some might say! Proper maintenance keeps cables of all kinds in excellent working order. Contact us for more information.


Insulation for House Wires & Flexibles is carried out on high-speed twin head extrusion system from with plain, stripes, spiral and tracer colouring system, online diameter meter, inkjet printing and online testing system. 
The extrusion for PVC, XLPE, insulated power/control and other cables is carried out on extruders having screw and barrel with extrusion line having online diameter controllers.
Cables cores are made on state-of-the-art triple head extrusion system for semicon conductor and XLPE, having computerized operations ensuring consistency of thickness in all layers. Before laying-up, the XLPE insulated conductors are steam cured under standardized condition. 

Group pairing Lining Up 

The cores produced are paired on group twinner to ensure uniform twisting/pairing under controlled tensioning to produce subunits of 10 /20 pairs. Number of such twisted pairs (or subunits) are laid-up on drum twister to form a super unit of 50/100 pairs with coloured tape for identification.

Laying Up / Taping

 The cores are laid-up on planetary/rigid system on laying-up machines.

Armouring (LT Power / Control and Other Cables)

Strip or Round wire  in GI, Copper or Aluminium is carried out on machines with synchronous drive system ensuring smooth and more than 90% coverage. 

Sheathing / Jacketing

Outer sheathing is carried out on extrusion lines with online diameter controllers, extruder and dies. These extruders are used for PVC, Zero Halogen / Elastomeric compound and black LDPE for jacketing. 


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